4 Effective Communication Methods for Recruiters (Other than phone calls)

For recruiters today, knowing which communication methods are most effective can make the difference between a placement or no placement. Oftentimes, this is typically done through mass emails sent out to candidates scraped off of websites. With a modern recruiting software, communication channels can be easy to come by if utilized properly.


Probably one of the most utilized channels of communication for professionals is email. For candidates seeking jobs on the market, this is a place that is often opened everyday and is a direct line of communication that is typically preferred by most for professional purposes. With that being said, sometimes emails are sent out to candidates in a mass manor - with the intention of casting a wide net for an array of job orders.

With some modern recruiting software, typically it is best to have a template system setup where you can simply place a candidates name and the date in, while already having a message ready to send out when they sign up for a meeting time for example. This can come in really handy when talking to many candidates coming through a pipeline.


SMS Texting

The easiest way to connect with someone in today's world is with their mobile phone. According to Neext, 73% of job seekers said they want to receive targeted jobs via text message. That’s not too surprising as most people today have their cell phone on hand throughout their day. So as a recruiter, this will always be a way to contact the candidate directly and instantly.

As far as best practices go, you should:

  • Always still be professional - even over atypical communication methods such as texting.
  • Have brief communication over text - often times its easy to stick to just texting, but using it as a way to simply schedule a meeting is a better route to go.
  • Tell the candidate who is texting them! If the candidate receives a random text from a number they don’t know, they might be prone to deleting the text and never engaging. So opening with an address that makes them feel comfortable would be a much better approach.
  • Time is also a factor. You should never text candidates at odd hours of the day, at least keep it during business hours from 9-5. This way, it is more appropriate for reaching out and connecting.
  • Some applicant tracking systems even have built in SMS texting capabilities, in order to help you connect to your candidates. This is great to take advantage of, keeping the conversations in one place with you and your job prospects and using a third-party number to keep your personal line free.

    Video Calling

    The resource all too common nowadays is the use of video calls. Applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting are popular options for having a virtual meeting with someone. This is an effective way to help place a candidate, if you seek to get to know them a little better as a person.

  • Make sure your background is plain or non-intrusive. If you have a plain background, the person you are talking to or interviewing is more likely to focus on you rather than a distraction.
  • Keep your camera at eye level height.
  • Make sure you keep eye contact with the camera and not the screen.
  • Double check that your microphone and headset works to ensure that you can have clear and concise communication.
  • Calendar Invite

    An easy way to ensure a meetup time and have a clear set time for communication is to set up a calendar invite. Most applicant tracking systems have a way to schedule out meetings for candidates. With automated messages and calendar sync, this can be a recruiters best friend when it comes to trying to reach out to candidates!



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