Which Recruiting Conferences Should You Attend in 2019?

Recruiting is a highly competitive industry and it is even more so now, as it is a candidate-driven market. For that reason, it is essential that you take advantage of every available resource to help ensure that you are able to maintain a competitive advantage. One of the most effective ways to do so is to attend conferences. These events provide you with the opportunity to gain information on developing industry challenges, receive guidance from other recruiters and industry leaders, learn about emerging technology and trends as well as expand your professional network. Here are the top 10 recruiting conferences you should attend in 2019 along with an easy-to-use infographic:

Top Recruiting Conferences of 2019

Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

January 30 - February 1
San Francisco Hotel
San Francisco, CA

SRSC provides support for executives and leaders in talent acquisition and HR to ensure that they are aware of the latest recruiting trends, candidate engagement strategies as well as emerging tools and technologies. Over the course of three days, you will have an opportunity to learn about the current state of the industry, how you can exercise that knowledge to gain a competitive advantage and grow your professional network.

ERE SourceCon

March 19 - 21
Hyatt Regency Seattle
Seattle, WA

SourceCon was created by sourcers and recruiters to provide knowledge-sharing and insights about sourcing best practices. This year, you will learn about how to effectively address diversity in your sourcing, automate your sourcing process, establish a brand, get the most out of your CRM and recover from ineffective recruiting solutions.

NPAworldwide Global Conference

April 4 - 6
Renaissance Long Beach
Long Beach, CA

NPAworldwide brings together exceptional independent recruiting firms from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas in an effort to facilitate cooperative, split-fee placements. At this year’s global conference, you will be able to meet recruiters from from all over the world and discuss industry challenges, learn beneficial sourcing strategies and expand your professional network.

ERE Spring Recruiting Conference

April 22 - 24
Marriott Marquis
San Diego, CA

The ERE Recruiting Conference is the largest independent, community-led recruiting event and it aims to educate talent acquisition as well as recruitment professionals on effective recruiting strategies, techniques and technologies. At the event, you will hear from industry leaders about the state of the recruiting industry and what actions you can take to remain resilient and competitive.

RecruitCon 2019

May 8 - 10
Hyatt Regency Austin
Austin, TX

RecruitCon, the nation’s leading talent acquisition event, helps management executives and leaders remain abreast of the current state of the industry and provides them with knowledge to remain competitive. During the event, you will learn about new and emerging recruiting practices, new tech, the most recent recruiting analytics and how to streamline the hiring process.

TAtech Leadership Summit

June 4 - 5
Boston University
Boston, MA

TAtech is dedicated to providing talent acquisition and recruitment professionals with the latest industry information and research, education on new sourcing strategies and hosting networking opportunities. This year’s event is focused on the application of programmatic technology in recruitment advertising and how you can leverage that to bolster your business.

HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

June 10 - 12
Sheraton Denver Downtown
Denver, CO

HCI is the global association for talent management and one of the leading organizations for the best new recruiting practices and ideas. This year’s conference features sessions on how you can partner with educational institutions to establish a talent pipeline, new selection techniques to hire for performance and retention, and how to use talent acquisition analytics to make your recruiting more data-driven.

TAtech North America

September 24 - 26
AT&T Conference Center
Austin, TX

TAtech was founded in order to provide talent acquisition and recruiting professionals with the information and education necessary to achieve success within the industry. The two-day event features a forum made up of business leaders, technology experts, content developers, sales and marketing professionals, analysts and investors in the talent acquisition technology industry from across the globe.

LinkedIn Talent Connect

October 1 - 3
Dallas, TX

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and each year it hosts a multi-day gathering of the world’s top leaders, innovators and influencers. This year’s event features in-depth discussions on talent intelligence, AI and D&I, talent development, and community building.

ERE Fall Recruiting Conference

October 14 - 16
Marriott Wardman Park
Washington, D.C.

Hosted by the ERE, the industry’s most-trusted resource of news and information for the last 20 years, the Recruiting Conference is a community-led event intended to educate talent acquisition and recruiting professionals on how to properly leverage their knowledge and skills. The event will feature adviser-led hands-on training, presentations and small group discussions as well as a significant amount of networking opportunities.